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Gilt Groupe Inc.

For roughly the past year, I have been working at a company called Gilt Groupe. Gilt sells high fashion and luxury items at great discounts to members of the site.

I learnt about the company from the two initial developers when the site was merely a concept and I joined a few months after, shortly before the official launch. The company is now very successful and growing fast.

Though my employment was not exactly a secret, I never announced it either. We just launched a Behind the Scenes section, and they beat me to the punch with not one, but two articles!

Currently, Gilt only ships to the United States so international aspirants will have to content themselves with unrequited window shopping. The rest of you may ready your credit cards. Membership is by invitation only, but I happen to have this trusty link (quelle surprise!) which will let you sign-up: http://www.gilt.com/william

Click the images below to see the articles. No registration required.


Posted by William at 2008年09月12日 00:02


Hey Will it's been a long time coming since I last saw you. What is it now... One, two years? Things look to be going very well for you, this new job really seems like a niche for you. Fashion and computers all rolled into one, perfect!

I tried setting a membership up at the link you gave but no go... I guess you have to be in the states, cause the postal code wont fit hahaha! Forever, Calgary will dwindle in the fashion spotlight.

Keep in touch through email, and if your in the area give me a shout. It would be great to catch up with you.

Posted by: Joel at 2009年05月12日 23:10