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German GQ Style

I have finally ended the Great Foto Famine. I just got my hands on this shot from German GQ Style. (Though I still don’t have the magazine!) It was shot on February 3rd and has been out since March. Sometimes it’s hard to get your photos!


Posted by William at 2007年04月25日 15:29


Wow, that photo looks amazing! Love the brown hair too ! :)

Posted by: Danielle Lediard at 2007年04月25日 16:27

Sitting here looking at your shots and EM's poetry. both of you doing great things ! You look yummy !!! yOU CAN FIND eM'S POETRY AT My Space under Magpie Ulysses.
Mom and Michael say HI as they sit here smooching. I will pass your info along to Em. Maybe the next time she's in New York, you 2 can get a cupp'a together. Cathy (used to be Campbell) Emily's mum...

Posted by: Emily Campbell's mum at 2007年06月30日 00:59